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About Spire Connect

Spire Connect is a professional B2B development services boutique. We offer cutting-edge events for business leaders across a range of sectors. Independent and informed, we are not event managers – we’re event producers. From idea generation, to leading stakeholder research, Spire Connect crafts professional industry events that drive business conversations forward.

Products & Services

Event Management, Design & Production:

Our Design & Production team provides the ultimate experience in B2B networking. From research and agenda preparation through to faculty recruitment – we provide high quality content and presentation. Our team is focused on every event detail, ensuring that our delegates enjoy and environment geared toward making new connections and face-to-face experiences that lead to their next business opportunity.

Promotional Marketing:

Through our partnerships, we ensure faculty members and sponsors are front and centre throughout our campaigns. Working with a team of graphic designers, web developers and digital marketing experts, we prepare materials that feature content-driven marketing to key stakeholder audiences – showcasing your company and products directly to your target client base.

Industry Reporting & Market Analysis:

We work hard to gather the cutting edge information presented during our events. Through direct stakeholder engagement we conduct extensive market research speaking with dozens of industry thought-leaders. In addition to direct feedback, we review thousands of industry reports, blogs and publications from across the globe. Based on our research, we prepare detailed reports outlining what business leaders need to know about the latest in market trends and best practices.

Capitalizing on our web-based platforms, we ensure a quick and easy user experience. All event information and registration is offered through our event site.

Speaking Opportunities
Contact: Patrick Crummey
Sponsor Opportunities
Contact: Patrick Crummey